Who Is Lawn Beautician Inc?

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Lawn Beautician Inc has been established as an ongoing business since 1986 and has grown with the economy of the region into its current status as a full-service owner-operated, grounds maintenance, landscape, and lawn care company, qualifying as a small business with DMBE. We service all types of properties, including commercial, HOAs, multifamily, public, and industrial.

The business was created by Rick Roulo and has been operated by him since its inception. The stability of management means that your property will always have the same management team caring for your grounds maintenance and property. A stable management team offers a consistent service level and no loss of communication due to changes in the managers or account representatives. Lawn Beautician Inc is forever striving to create a competitive edge and keep up with the changes in practices and equipment for the industry. The commercial, HOAs, industrial, multifamily, and public landscapes we service deserve the best available service provider, and we aim to be that provider. We staff our company with the finest labor we can find and train them with all the knowledge that we have gained through our 30+ years of experience. It is not very often that something comes up in the care of a landscape that we are not prepared for or knowledgeable about in order to make the best choice for your property.

Rick Roulo

As principal owner and founder of Lawn Beautician Inc, Rick has developed a complete understanding of landscape and turf care in the Central Virginia region. With over 20 years in business, he has learned how to troubleshoot your problems in the landscape and solve them for you with professional results. His motivation to be the best landscape service provider in the region has driven Lawn Beautician Inc to the top of the industry.

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